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About us

Party Cat NFT is your gateway to a world of delightful digital feline art. We're making NFTs accessible to everyone by offering free tokens. Join us as we launch our unique Party Cat Token (PCT), earned by solving daily cat puzzles and holding our NFTs. We believe in community-driven fun and prosperity, rewarding our loyal "hodlers." Through royalty mechanisms, artists and collectors both thrive. We're not just a platform; we're a party where you can earn, create, and celebrate together. Welcome to the world of Party Cat NFT, where the art is free, the puzzles are fun, and the party never ends!

Daily Cat Puzzles

Daily cat puzzles: A fun challenge to earn Party Cat Tokens and embrace our feline frenzy.

Solve Puzzles To Earn

Earn Cat Tokens for puzzle prowess and NFT loyalty; your key to partying with purpose in style.

Puzzle Site Launch

After the mint, our cat puzzle site will launch, offering daily brain-teasing fun to earn rewards.

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Phase 01

Site Launch

Our eagerly awaited main website is on the horizon, poised to be the central hub for all things Party Cat NFT. Get ready to explore our digital feline wonderland!

Phase 02

10% Sold Out

After 10% of the tokens are minted, we're celebrating with an exciting surprise – an air-drop of $100 worth of ETH to a lucky random holder. Join the anticipation!

Phase 03

25% Sold Out

After achieving 25% minting, we're excited to give back by donating $500 in XRP to an animal rescue foundation. Our commitment to supporting animals is stronger than ever.

Phase 04

50% Soldout

At 50% minted, our Discord server will come to life, creating a vibrant community hub for discussions, updates, and engaging with fellow Party Cat NFT enthusiasts. Join us!

Phase 05

75% Soldout

At 75% minted, our token launch is right around the corner. Prepare for a thrilling journey into the world of Party Cat NFTs as we approach the finish line!

Phase 06

100% Soldout

Upon achieving full minting, our cat puzzle site is set to launch, offering daily challenges and rewards. Get ready to immerse yourself in our interactive feline world!

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Meet The Crew









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Frequently Asked Questions

Party Cat NFT is a captivating fusion of digital art and blockchain technology. It's a vibrant platform where artists create whimsical feline-themed NFTs. Collectors can join a lively community, earn tokens, and participate in daily cat puzzles while supporting artists through royalties.

Party Cat NFT offers a unique opportunity - free minting on launch day. Holders not only enjoy stunning feline art but also unlock rewards. Being a hodler means accessing exclusive benefits, from airdrops to early releases, in our vibrant community.

Choose Party Cat NFT for a captivating blend of creativity and community. We offer free minting, cat puzzles, and numerous perks for loyal hodlers. Join us in celebrating art, fun, and the world of NFTs!

Party Cat NFTs are versatile and can be bought and sold on popular marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. This opens up a world of opportunities for collectors, allowing them to trade, showcase, and enjoy their digital feline treasures with ease.

Security is paramount at Party Cat NFT. We employ advanced blockchain technology to safeguard your assets. Smart contract audits, rigorous testing, and continuous monitoring ensure a safe and secure environment for all token holders, offering peace of mind in the NFT space.